Who was your teacher?

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

– Zen Buddhist Saying

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”

When I first read that statement by Shakti Gawain, I felt a tingle inside, and luckily for me, I finally listened.  I was finally ready to make some changes in my life.  If I had read Shakti Gawain’s timeless book, Creative Visualization a year earlier, it probably wouldn’t have moved me in the same way.


But because of where I was in my life, as I read her book, I felt the shift, I had the Ah-Ha Moment that I had heard others talk about.  I credit Shakti Gawain with waking me up, with being my teacher when I was finally ready.

Although actually, to back up a step, I would say that my sister Karin Clark would have been my real first teacher.  She saw in me my search for meaning, my longing for something more.  She saw that alcohol and partying was not only no longer enough to make me happy, but was actually beginning to destroy me.  It was my sister Karin who gave me that book, and who was and continues to be my teacher. I have never formally thanked her, so I want to do that now.  Thank you Karin, from the bottom of my heart.  In more ways than one, you saved my life.  I love you.

Who was your first teacher?  When did you have that Ah-Ha Moment?

The video below is an excerpt from an interview with Shakti Gawain about the process of creative visualization.


Please let me know what you thought of Shakti Gawain’s interview.  And I’d love to hear about how you found your own teacher.

As always thank you for taking the time to visit, I appreciate it.


14 thoughts on “Who was your teacher?

  1. Beautiful! My first teacher was a neighbor of mine who gave me Jonathon Livingston Seagull. It changed my life. Thank you for writing this – I will try to find her now so I can send her a “Thank You.”


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  5. Great post, and I enjoyed the interview! I plan on creating an internal reality and visualizing my fantasies as if they are already happening! My teacher was Oprah, and she introduced me to Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, and his book changed my thinking completely, and improved the quality of life for me. He grounded so many ideas that were already floating around in my head, and made clear many things I had never thought about!


  6. Hello ~Thanks for liking`~
    “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” That’s really true. A good student must be capable of learning~lol~


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