We are shaped by our thoughts . . . Full Circle

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.”

– Buddha


We become what we think.  That is such an important concept.

Looking over my past 3 posts:




I see that I’ve come full circle.  We are shaped by our thoughts! To stay stuck in denial, repeating old self-defeating patterns of behavior, once we become aware of them, becomes unbearable.  So hopefully we seek new teachers and do our work to get some clarity and new healthier patterns of thought and behavior.  But then it’s so important not to stay stuck in that woundology either, because if we are shaped by our thoughts, those negative loops about our past keep us stuck in victim mentality and can become just as self-defeating.

S0 we need to pay attention to our thoughts. For if we become what we think –  (and honestly who are we to argue with Buddha!) – let’s become joyous beings, expansive and loving.

Here is a wonderful video about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his experiments with thought and water.  A physical representation of being shaped by thoughts:



Please let me know your thoughts on the Dr. Emoto video.

And as always thank you for taking the time to visit, I appreciate it.



9 thoughts on “We are shaped by our thoughts . . . Full Circle

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  2. Hi Patti,
    Thanks for sharing the work of Masaru Emoto. I created my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos based on his work — and am looking forward to more and more people seeing energy/word healing tools as the norm. Blessings, Vicki


      • Wow, Loved the Masaru Emoto video. While it was first playing, I was viewing it with some skepticism, but the end had a big impact on me when it reminded me that we are made up of 60% water. Thanks for posting this.


  3. Thanks Kathleen. I totally agree, Dr. Emoto’s work is really powerful. It had a big impact on me too. His book “The Hidden Messages in Water” goes into more depth than that video and is well worth a read.
    Thanks for commenting Kathleen, I appreciate it.


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