A Fine Balance

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.”

– Yogi Berra

I am honored to have been invited to contribute a post to a blog that I follow.  The League of Champions is a wonderful blog and well worth your time to explore.  In their blog, Kevin and Leanna help people reach their optimum creativity through finding inner peace and loving themselves.  Leanna and I have been discussing trying to live in the moment and at the same time keep one’s goals in mind.

There is a fine balance between going with the flow and directing your own life.  There is a certain peace in acceptance of what is, but there is empowerment in knowing what you want and being willing to go after it.  And then there is the all important need to Pay Attention and Be Present in the moment.

But does being present preclude goal-setting and focusing on what one wants in the future?  I don’t think so.  I think that we can have both, but I believe we have to practice a fine balancing act.

In my 7 Tools,  I discuss Heart-Centered Goal Setting.  And I believe that this is one of the keys to the balancing act.  In order to really focus on true goals, you have to find out the deepest WHY of the goal, the emotion behind it. Work to discover WHY you want that particular goal, journal about it, question it. When you understand the deeper emotion of why your want that particular goal, the emotional need behind it, then you have hit the WHY.  You can FEEL the why in heart-centered goal setting.  And in order to feel it, you have to be paying attention and be present to the moment.  That ability to stay present actually helps to define a direction for the future.  But indeed, it is a fine balancing act.

Zig Ziglar is one of the greats – an iconic motivational speaker.  In the clip below, Ziglar talks about setting goals.


I hope you enjoy listening to Zig Ziglar.  I always find him inspirational. I’d love to hear about how you balance staying present and setting goals for your future.

And as always thank you for taking the time to visit, I appreciate it.


16 thoughts on “A Fine Balance

  1. Great post. That’s a dilemma I often struggle with. Thank you for the insightful description. I look forward to reading your book with those 7 tools.


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  3. Hi Patti, great post. Heart centered goal setting is one of the keys to setting goals and outcomes that link deeply to your hearfelt values. And fascinatingly, this linking to the heart is not just a metaphor. Neuroscience has recently shown we have ‘brains’ in both our heart and our gut.

    Informed by recent Neuroscience findings about the discovery of functional and complex neural networks or ‘brains’ in the heart and gut, we’ve completed 2.5 years of behavioral modeling research on the core competencies of these brains and how they communicate and integrate with the head brain. We’ve written about our findings and the models and techniques in our recently published book ‘mBraining’. See http://www.mbraining.com for more info.

    Each of the brains has its own prime functions and competencies and is influenced by the Autonomic Nervous System. Knowing this and how to communicate effectively with each of the brains can make a huge difference in tapping in to the intuitive wisdom and intelligence of each brain, especially when goal setting.


    • Hello. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I’m sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I just returned to New Zealand yesterday from Borneo, where the internet was unreliable at best. I enjoyed looking around your website. And it is so fantastic to have what I have sensed for a long time affirmed with evidence. I will put your link in an upcoming post to let others know your findings.
      Thanks again for sharing your information, and for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


      • Hi Patti, thank you for your kind thoughts and comments on our work. Your connection and support is truly appreciated. You might also want to check out our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mBraining where we post uplifting quotes and the latest research findings on the heart and gut brains, on generative wisdom, intuition, goal setting and on Compassion, Creativity and Courage – the highest expressions of the heart, head and gut brains.


      • Hey Patti, 🙂

        We love Compassion, Creativity and Courage too, especially as we found in our research that they are the Highest Expression competencies of the Heart, Head and Gut Brains respectively and they are integrative i.e. each relies on the others to really express fully and ecologically, and together they produce an incredible level of generative Wisdom, (which we explain in detail in mBraining).

        I just realised you are based in NZ, and you know, Mark and Eileen at Commplus are running some mBIT Coach Certification trainings there in Feb and April, with Marvin and I co-training with Mark respecitively. So if you check out our book and find the models and techniques as powerful and intriguing as the many participants of the trainings have found them so far, you might want to come to one. Depending on where you are in NZ, it would also be great to catch up when I’m over in Auckland in Feb.


      • Hi again (what’s your name? Is this Grant?)
        Your book sounds wonderful, and although I would love to do the training, the timing won’t work for me. Feb March are the busiest months for the workshops I run: Creative Empowerment Workshops http://www.figjamworkshops.co.nz/home
        However if you are doing any travelling while you are in NZ, I would love to meet you. I live on the Coromandel Peninsula, about 1.5 hours from Auckland.
        Thanks for writing and keep up the great work!


      • Hey Patti, yes its Grant. The course is April 23 – 27th. Your workshops using creativity look great. And Creativity is one of the three highest expressions.

        The Coromandels are really beautiful. We spent some time there a couple of years ago. Did some kayaking around off the coast. Wonderful.


      • Thanks Patti. Really appreciate the connection. And love to hear your feedback on our models and work once you’ve read the book and to see the creative ways you might use mBIT in your own wonderful work and workshops.


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