It makes my heart sing!

“To change the world, we need to combine Ancient Wisdom with new technologies”

– Paulo Coelho

I had an interesting talk with a participant on one of my workshops the other day.  She asked me what I liked about facilitating workshops, and I answered that when we have a good workshop It makes my heart sing and it nourishes my soul. Then I stopped and laughed when I heard my words.  And I realized how my words so described which “brains” I use when I facilitate workshops.  And when I later thought about how I feel when I teach a class, I realized that the words I would use to describe that experience would be more intellectually stimulating. Which of course brought to mind  mBraining. For those of you who missed my post on this wonderful book and website, check out Trusting Your Gut!

The idea that we have 3 brains is exciting, but also a challenge in a way.  It’s our challenge to integrate these 3 brains, and to pay attention how they work together. Anil K Rajvanshi, a writer in India puts it this way:

To produce deep thought which helps in improving the wellbeing of a person, the gut and heart brains must work together with the main brain. When all work harmoniously, it creates a healthy body and a powerful mind.

I think one way to start to meet that challenge of integration is to pay attention to our words.  How do we describe things and experiences.  Language is a wonderful way to hear where we are experiencing things in our body.  Do you speak of heart ache, do you live in your head, do you listen to your gut instincts?  Do you have butterflies in the stomach – which is as Michael Mosley points out:

 The brain in the stomach talking to the brain in your head. As we get nervous or fearful, blood gets diverted from our gut to our muscles and this is the stomach’s way of protesting.

I’d like to close with a fascinating TED Talk that my son Devin showed me the other day. It’s not really tied into the 3 brains, except that it made my heart sing, it was intellectually stimulating and nourished my soul.  Enjoy!
I’d love to hear what makes your heart sing and how you integrate your three brains.  And as always, thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it.




4 thoughts on “It makes my heart sing!

  1. What makes my heart sing? My kids, my new wolf cub, music, star gazing, adventure, the ocean, humor, experiencing nature, being with people I love,raising my adrenaline level on a dirt bike, helping others, kindness, the prospect of world peace and your blog just to name a few! Love Ya…


  2. Hey Patti, another brilliant blog post! And thank you for your kind words about mBraining. Of course, what makes my heart sing is exploring new ways of knowing in the world, of doing research, and of bringing the insights from that to pragmatic and practical ways of getting more from life. And that’s what I’ve done with mBraining. So everytime I see the ripples of mBraining spreading out into people’s lives, ripples that bring more compassion, creativity and courage to the world, more wisdom to a world so sorely in need of it, then my heart truly sings. So thank you for co-creating those ripples. 🙂


    • Thank you Grant! I am honoured to co-create, and humbled to be a co-creator. I agree, it makes my heart sing as well to bring more Compassion, Creativity and Courage to the world. That is why I facilitate Creative Empowerment Workshops. I believe they help spread these ideals.


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