More on Equality

“I believe in equality for everyone”

– Mahatma Gandhi

New Zealand voted yes to equality – and the world (well a portion of the world) is cheering!

I wanted to add a wonderful speech that one of the politicians here in NZ made to Parliament on the day of the vote.  Maurice Williamson, a National (conservative) member of parliament made this statement – “Rainbow across my electorate”



And I really want to share a beautiful music videos.  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Same Love. Please take the time to watch this, it’s a wonderful video.



I’d love to hear your thoughts on equality and as always thanks for stopping by.




2 thoughts on “More on Equality

  1. Thanks Patti,
    The passing of this bill has reminded me of an event that I witnessed some 30 years ago while living in Tasmania, I had two gay women friends, Kaye was my age and her partner was 27 years older, making Bev 57. Just a few years earlier Kaye had been thru a huge cancer scare and Bev nursed her, being with her every minute of everyday, till Kaye was well. I new the fun that those two women shared , the passion for Great Danes, gardening and making Art. As I left Tassie some 3 years later, Kay was diagnosed with cancer again, this time in her brain. We used to talk on the phone, visit or write. As the cancer progressed, less and less I spoke to Kaye and it was left to Bev to keep me in the loop. Bev would take Kaye to all the doctor and hospital appointments, drive Kaye to family and friends, feed her, wipe her bum. After 19 months, Bev now 62, was struggling to pick Kaye up off the floor and to stop the violent attacks that Kaye would lash out with, all along Bev new it wasnt her partner of 27 years that was doing this, but the cancer, and when the doctor said its time, she needs to be cared for in the hospital, it was Bev that packed her bags, and drove Kaye to the hospital, via their beach. Such a sad day. After Kaye was finally settled, Bev went home to their lonely little house, and slept. The next morning, picking flowers from their garden, she said she headed off to the hospital and went to enter the ward, where she had left Kaye the afternoon before. She was stopped by the Matron and a police officer, who issued her with some legal restraint, Kayes mother had, (as Kaye was not married and had no husband to look after her), the power of attorney over her unmarried daughter and she declared Bev an unfit visitor for her daughter.
    This is what has been changed with this law, a relationship of 27 years, a love of 27 years would now be honored and recognised, its not just the marriage ceremony, but the recognisition of a gay love and the legal right to have power of attorney over a loved and married too partner.
    I would so have wanted for my friends to have spent those last 3 days together.


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