Women, Men, Communication and Humor

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

In my last entry, I closed the post with I’d love to hear what helps you communicate better and how you make your relationships work.

I had quite a few people email me, post me on Facebook,  reply to blog post directly, and even stop me on the street to comment.  And the overwhelming response was Humor! (Mind you all the responses were from women.  Not sure exactly what that means . . .)

But if we accept that men and women are hard-wired differently, as cited in several recent articles, and if we accept that if we actually think differently, communicate differently and process differently, what can we do but keep a sense of humor as we wander through the minefield? That, and as my cousin Diana suggested, keep small stashes of M & Ms handy!

I want to close with a short video from the TV show, Friends – looking at communication style differences between men and women.



I’d love to hear how humor has helped your relationship survive . . . or not survive as the case may be.  And as always thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.





6 thoughts on “Women, Men, Communication and Humor

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  3. I was hahaha-ing about the video clip! Yes, humor helps our relationship tremendously – I would say mainly because we both recognize that word-communication is very tricky, and have learned to not react to what the other may have just said, but to leave a little space before attempting to ask, calmly, “can you say that again, please?” Good question! tomas


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