Parenthood – Truly Understanding Love

“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.”

― Nicholas Sparks

What better lesson of real love than parenting?

I have just had an incredible two weeks with my husband Jeff.  Reconnecting and being together has been wonderful.  I have loved every minute of it!  But honestly, the most gratifying part for me was being able to parent together again.  Watching my partner, my children’s father, be together with our children again was truly the best part of our time together. Two weeks was not long enough.  However the time that Jeff spent walking on the beach with our boys, playing guitar with our boys and having conversations and connecting as a family again was priceless. The time flew by much too quickly, but it was rich and so heart-warming.

What can anyone say about parenting that hasn’t already been said?  It is the most rewarding thing anyone can do.  It is hard and painful at times, and the most joyous thing that one can experience.  It is Love in action.

In this moving TED Talk, Andrew Solomon explores parenting on a different level:

“What is it like to raise a child who’s different from you in some fundamental way (like a prodigy, or a differently abled kid, or a criminal)? In this quietly moving talk, writer Andrew Solomon shares what he learned from talking to dozens of parents — asking them: What’s the line between unconditional love and unconditional acceptance?”



Please take the time to watch this wonderful TED talk. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. And as always, thank you for stopping by.  I appreciate it.


11 thoughts on “Parenthood – Truly Understanding Love

  1. As a new parent (my lovely is 7 1/2 months old), I often feel the love and joy of having a little one, as well as the wonder at how so many people have SO many children (and some back-to-back!!). This was a beautiful reminder and I’m looking forward to watching the Ted Talk. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Amazing. It was enlightening to learn of parenting from a new perspective. I have known parents with children who have incurable ailments and have always been in awe of there strength, patience and love- lessons that all of us could learn from. My oldest brother,(who kicked a heroin habit) once told me “you never know how much you have to give until your called upon to give it”. I called upon this courage many times in parenting! Your comment brings it home beautifully,” it is love in action ” Peace


    • Thank you Doug for your wonderful comments.
      I was especially in awe of the mother of the Columbine student that Solomon interviewed. Wow!
      As always, such a treasure to hear from you, Doug. Thank you.


  3. Hey, Patti! Haven’t heard from you in a while, so just decided to check in. I’m having some trouble with a new laptop I just got. The browser doesn’t take me all the places I want to go! Frustrating!!

    Anyway, I wanted to answer that last music challenge you sent me, but again, I cannot recall it. Obviously, the Petula Clark song was far too easy! I’ll have to give you the “advanced” level!

    Reply when you can…take care.

    Jeff #2


    • Hi Jeff 2

      The song reference for “Flower Girl” was a bit out of left field, an old “bubble gum” song from about 1969, a song I used to love to sing to by The Cowsills.
      But yes, if you want to stump me on the musical front, you will have to do better than Petula Clark and Frank Sinatra!
      Good luck with your new laptop . . . Technology, gotta love it, gotta hate it!


      • Wow, I admit I would have never gotten the Cowsills! Glad you did get my message. I think I’ll have to take the laptop back to the store and have them make a complete fool out of me. It’s probably something simple like a settings adjustment!

        Okay, now on to music. Remember “I’m a believer” by the Monkeys? Of course you do…we all do. But did they write the song? The answer is no. The question is…who did?

        Let me feel the pressure, Patti…

        Jeff #2


      • Sorry Jeff 2 –
        That should have been a stumper, but Jeff 1 and I were talking about that song not that long ago. If we had NOT been talking about it, i probably would have guessed Boyce and Hart, but I would have been wrong. If I hadn’t been talking about it recently I never would have guessed Neil Diamond. Not many people would! So it was a good try.
        Ok, let’s change sound tracks . . .
        who wrote and sang:
        “Soft and warm, a quiet storm,
        Quiet as when flowers talk at break of dawn . . .”


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