Creativity isn’t always easy

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

– Sir Ken Robinson

Some people claim that they have to create – that painting or writing or making music is as essential to them as breathing.  That is not the case for me.  I usually feel like I have to force myself to take the time to be creative. I set time aside to journal or write or just doodle because I know that that is the time when I can really connect with the source, with the truest part of me.

Other people are the oposite; instead of feeling like they have to create, they feel like they absolutely cannot create. Those people feel that creativity is only found in the chosen few.

Creativity is not found just in the chosen few who exhibit artistic talent. It is a force that flows through every single one of us, allowing us to dream things up and make them happen.

–Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy

In a wonderful article on Greater Good Website, Ten Things Creative People Know,  Peggy Taylor and Charlie Murphy explain that Creative expression opens the door to the inner world of our imaginations. It is here that we make meaning of our lives. It is here that motivation takes root. The more creative we are, the more capacity we have to imagine what’s possible and make those visions real.

But it’s important for me to explain, that for me anyway, it isn’t always easy.  It takes effort and determination and tenacity.  I force myself to journal every morning before I get up because I know that that is the time that I sometimes get glimpses of what is possible and ideas about how to make them real.  I sometimes get flashes of insight that lead to amazing things. And sometimes I even get lost in doodling or drawing and just love what emerges. It’s glorious to get lost in that flow.  Not that it’s anything I’d ever sell as ‘fine art’ – it’s just amazingly cool to get lost in, and to connect with that deep sense of self in the process.

In their article, Taylor and Murphy explore ten ideas about creativity and creative people:

1. Our lives have meaning.

2. We are all creative.

3. Creative expression empowers us.

4. We are good at heart.

5. Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.

6. Change is an inside job.

7. Diversity is a resource.

8. We thrive when we feel supported.

9. We each have the power to make change.

10. The challenges of our time require intergenerational collaboration.


We all have this potential and this gift.  It’s just that it isn’t always easy and often requires effort and determination to focus on our creativity – even if it’s only for 5 minutes before we get out of bed.

I’d like to close with a video clip with the wonderful Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. The clip is aptly called – ‘The Power of Persevance’


I’d love to hear about how you feel about your creativity. And as always, thanks for taking the time to visit, I appreciate it.

22 thoughts on “Creativity isn’t always easy

  1. Thank you for telling me that how I feel about being creative, it’s not something I easily take time to do, is ok… Thank you for encouraging me tonight!!

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  2. Sometimes I really have to persuade myself to act upon a creative thought. Other times, I feel something like an adrenaline rush and just want to go, go, go. What has helped me is know that it is totally safe and OK to just go for it, along with “Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron. Such a great inspiration and teacher!

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  3. We’re all creative in our own ways. I used to think of creativity as only relating to artistic works, therefore I have absolutely no creativity. But I create all the time, with ways to solve problems, with how to fix things that are broken, with how to adapt an idea I read about to solve some other problem, etc. When we’re energized, focused, and engaged we’re likely to be creating something.

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  4. Nice post, I agree. There are more creative folks than we know because they don’t take the time to see what’s inside for various reasons. I read Cameron’s book years ago and did “morning pages” for a long time. I found her books inspiring. Best wishes for your success.

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    • Thank you Lenore. Yes I read ‘Artist’s Way’ over 20 years ago the first time. Then as I was writing my book and felt stuck – I went back and ‘did’ the book again. It was fresh and helpful all over again. Thanks for taking the time to comment Lenore, I appreciate it.


  5. Thank you for reading my writing and for this important article on creativity. I wrote my M.A. thesis on creativity and learning. Certainly discipline and good habits are important in creativity.I think many more people who create struggle with issues of discipline than we think. Once habits are formed ,they allow creativity to flow.

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  6. “Effort and determination.” Oh bother and damnation! I must employ more effort and determination at my morning pages. I let just any little thing distract me but my number one enemy, in creative endeavours or any other, is that old chestnut: “I don’t feel like it.” Which is such a lie I tell myself. I DO feel like it – over the long haul, I want the beauty, benefit and blessing of having a particular kind of life. But in the short term, a whiney inner voice says, “Aw man, but I don’t WANNA!” Thanks for sharing that you, too, have to work up the gumption to live the life you truly want.

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    • HA! I enjoyed reading that. I know that whiney inner voice – she speaks in my mind often. Sometimes I am kind to her, and sometimes I just tell her to shut up! But yeah – effort and determination – sigh. Wish it always flowed effortlessly – but alas.


    • Thanks Kathy. Yes the motivation and inspiration aren’t always there. But when I can access it, I invariably feel so much better when I get into that flow! Thanks for taking the time to comment Kathy, I appreciate it.

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