Light wins over darkness – and the light is Love

“Anytime you try to be a loving person, you’re doing your part to save the world.”
― Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson has been such an important role model for me and countless others. And at the moment, she is doing a series of live stream videos.  Her message is so important.  The world feels like it is teetering between light and darkness, and her message is that it is vital to stay in the light – it is up to all of us!

The world is complicated, but Truth is not. As the world has practically exploded in violence this week, the temptation is to spin out emotionally, to try to escape the anxiety so understandable given that the world has gone mad.

But the craziness of the world outside us is no match for the holiness within. There is no real contest between the power of light and the power of darkness. Darkness can obscure the light, but it cannot destroy it. Light, on the other hand, dissolves all darkness. And the light is love. It is God. Each of us, in our own hearts, can now devote our lives in service to the light. And we can do so together, increasing the power of our prayers.

In all of our lives, this new level of service, this deepening of our devotion, will take a different form. Let’s begin by simply loving each other. Let’s take a moment to close our eyes and send love to our friends and family, to pray we might be better at everything we do, that we might be of greater service. Let’s put all our relationships in the hands of God, and ask that in the midst of a world gone mad that He make us very deeply sane. That He make us conduits of His power and vessels of His love, that together with Him we might save our world.

And then let us have faith. God has a plan, though He cannot do for us what He cannot do through us. He needs us to think what He would have us think and do what He would have us do, and love will prevail at last. Today and every day let us expand our hearts just a little bit more, that darkness shall fall away.

And it will. It absolutely will.

Let’s all commit to being conduits of the Light. Let’s all commit to Loving each other. Let’s not worry about what name we call Light – whether it is God, Infinite Wisdome, Divine Light – the name does not matter.  Let’s just commit to loving each other.

Our lives depend on it!

I’ll close with an older clip of Williamson’s – well worth watching.



Please share any thoughts about this subject, we all have to work together. And as always thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.


17 thoughts on “Light wins over darkness – and the light is Love

  1. Thank you for this blog post, I was caught up in negative thoughts last week but I am coming back to the light this week and reading your posts are really hitting home and helping me

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  2. I’m an atheist, but I’m also an anthropologist. I recognize the potential and power in a system of belief devoutly observed. I also think that there is value in devotional practices and any motivation we can use to be better to each other, to build a better, more loving world for our children, and to begin healing the many wounds our species visits on itself, the other occupants of this fragile creation, and the planet itself.

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    • Amen to that! I’m not religious at all – but not an atheist either – but I definitely believe we are a lot more powerful than we give ourselves credit for – and we are Responsible! Responsible to create a more loving world and for healing the world. Thanks for connecting.

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  3. Thanks for liking my blog post on Thanksgiving, Patti. I read your above post about light and darkness and about needing to commit to being conduits of light. Here are my thoughts along that line. A light bulb is a conduit of physical light, but it can’t give light without being connected to the light source. We as human beings aren’t connected to the spiritual light source–God. And the truth is that on our own, we can’t get connected–there’s too much difference between us and Him, like trying to connect a 12-volt battery to a 220 AC generator, only worse. But the good news is that He has chosen to connect to us through His Son Jesus Christ as He tells us in His Word, the Bible. Jesus acts as the transformer to step down the power for human connection. But the connection isn’t automatic. We have to choose to “plug into the Power.” He leaves the choice to us. I chose to connect this way many years ago. I’ve never regretted it.

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