Heroes and Mentors

“We choose our favourite author as we do our friend, from a conformity of humour and disposition. Mirth or passion, sentiment or reflection; whichever of these most predominates in our temper, it gives us a peculiar sympathy with the writer who resembles us.” 
― David Hume


The renowned Scottish philosopher, David Hume, tells us that we choose our favourite author as we do our friend, from a conformity of humour and disposition.  Well that certainly fits for me.  My favourite authors will be of no surprise to anyone who has read my blog posts for awhile.  I consider both Anne Lamott and Julia Cameron to be, not only my favourite authors, but also mentors for me, in both writing and in life itself.

So you can imagine my absolute honour and tearful gratitude when I went to my amazon page and found this . . .

Amazon telling me that people who bought Julia Cameron’s and Anne Lamott’s books are also buying This Way Up!  This is the highest flattery I could ever receive.  I am humbled and grateful beyond measure.  It absolutely makes my heart sing!

So for those of you out there looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for a woman in your life that loves Annie Lamott and/or Julia Cameron, look no further! 

I’ll close this post with a wonderful TED talk by Annie Lamott, 12 Truths I Learned from Life and Writing.



I’d love to hear about your heroes and mentors.
And as always, thank you for taking the time to visit.  I appreciate it.



10 thoughts on “Heroes and Mentors

  1. How gratifying, in deed, to be in such a group of writers. Given how strongly I have been drawn to Anne Lamott for many years and how much I have enjoyed your writing, I suspect I would do well to explore Julia Cameron with whom, I confess, I am not familiar. I was amused by the thought, wondering how I would feel, if I read on Amazon that people who bought my books also bought dictionaries. You are in wonderful company!

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    • Oh thank you Scott! I really appreciate this. TBH- I was reluctant to post this as it feels like such a ‘humble brag’ – but I really am so incredibly grateful for this affirmation! And being so close to the holidays… I can hear my ex-publicist asking me what I’m doing to keep my book out there…
      But I am grateful to to get your words. I do believe that you would love the book ‘The Artist’s Way’ – it was one of my early inspirations in the early ’90s. Cameron talks a lot about creativity and recovery and is very outspoken about her sobriety. This is a good article from Psych today from 2014 about her:
      If you do read the book – I’d love to hear your thoughts.
      … and I laughed out loud at your dictionary comment! … always the English Teacher!


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