Choose to Make Your Life Sacred

“Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness.”

– Rumi 



Today I choose to make my life sacred. By focusing on the beauty and the sacredness of life, I can move away from the fear and uncertainty.

“It feels good and right to lift our faces to the sunlight.  It feels good and right to follow our hearts. Something in all of us ignites when we live this way.”

Sarah Blondin takes us on a beautiful journey of making our life sacred in her podcast Live Awake. Blondin, the creator of Live Awake focuses on the sacredness of life in her podcasts.

“She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that nature was responsible for loving her awake. She decided the earth breathed its grace up from the roots of her feet. The trees gathered together to give her grounded strength. She decided the wind carried loving whispers from the divine to her slumbering ears. She decided the sky showered her with wisdom and mirrored the boundless nature of every soul walking this earth.  She decided after waking from what felt like years of sleep, that she would live forevermore wide open to all that came to be in front of her. She decided that living awake was a choice, and in that moment she became free. And in that moment she chose to be the beam of light that reaches toward all other life, to be the beam that assists the earth in breathing and loving others awake.”

I invite you to listen to the podcast here, on Soundcloud, Make It Sacred. It’s a beautiful uplifting podcast. There are several Live Awake podcasts available on the wonderful free app –  Insight Timer.  There are hundreds of guided meditations by wonderful teachers available on this app.  I recommend it whole-heartedly.

I’ll close this post with another video from the Live Awake archives, Choosing Harmony.  It is a lovely way to spend nine minutes.



Let me know your thoughts on how you make your life sacred.
And as always, thank you for taking the time to visit.  I appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “Choose to Make Your Life Sacred

  1. Awe love awake is one of my favorites ..not a week goes by without them..I’m an insight timer junkie..its been amazing, almost two years now and have made some wonderful friends snd support in specific groups that have helped shape my spiritual and meditation journey. Absolutely love it! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more.


    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Kerri. I love Live Awake as well. I’m so grateful I found it. I share different meditations from Sarah with my women’s group. And Insight Timer is my new best friend! It is absolutely wonderful!
      Thanks again for your comment, and thank you for your beautiful writing! I love your current post in Sunshine.


      • Speaking about same page..I’m working on creating a journal with my soul inspired writings that move and creative a place to explore inspired thoughts, emotions and meditations to go with..I just bought your book..cant wait to see more about what you do as well..sounds wonderful.
        I also am working on a photography project thats aligned with the journal for empowering woman. Thank you so much for your beautiful energy to the planet, woman and our world..hugs


      • Oh thank you so much for getting my book. Please do let me know your thoughts as you read. I love your ideas – photography project aligned with the journal empowering women. Beautiful!
        When you get to the workbook, you can find videos of the exercises on my YouTube channel:


      • Perfect I cant wait..ive had family here this week..but I have downloaded the book on kindle and look forward to diving in later this week. And perfct on videos I did watch one so far. Thank you and cant wait.
        Yes, my projects been on the slow go since 2006 adding, studying, and putting together the peices as life opens the moments..and seems that moment has finally arrived to put it all together…so excited!


  2. Beautifully inspiring and uplifting. I am refreshed from a full day of work. Feels like a new day starting again. Thank you.


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