This Way UP for Moms – Practicing Self-Care as a Mother

“Self care is any action you purposefully take to improve your physical, emotional or spiritual well being. Too often, we do not make time for sufficient self care because we’re too busy taking care of others.

― Eleanor Brownn


Too often, way too often, we do not make time to take care of ourselves, because we are busy taking care of others. This is especially true for mothers.  Brenda Ueland expresses this beautifully:

“In fact that is why the lives of most women are so vaguely unsatisfactory. They are always doing secondary and menial things (that do not require all their gifts and ability) for others and never anything for themselves. Society and husbands praise them for it (when they get too miserable or have nervous breakdowns) though always a little perplexedly and half-heartedly and just to be consoling. The poor wives are reminded that that is just why wives are so splendid — because they are so unselfish and self-sacrificing and that is the wonderful thing about them! But inwardly women know that something is wrong. They sense that if you are always doing something for others, like a servant or nurse, and never anything for yourself, you cannot do others any good. You make them physically more comfortable. But you cannot affect them spiritually in any way at all. For to teach, encourage, cheer up, console, amuse, stimulate or advise a husband or children or friends, you have to be something yourself. […]”If you would shut your door against the children for an hour a day and say; ‘Mother is working on her five-act tragedy in blank verse!’ you would be surprised how they would respect you. They would probably all become playwrights.”

It’s true, we as mothers tend to put our own needs last, well behind our children’s and our family’s. We are so busy taking care of others, that we tend to lose ourself, our deepest sense of self.

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I’ll close with a short video of Jada Pinkett-Smith,  as she advises:

“You always have to remember to take care of YOU, first and foremost. When you stop taking care of yourself you get out of balance and you really forget how to take care of others.”



I’d love to hear you take care of yourself, especially as a mother.  I love learning from all of you.
And as always, thank you for taking the time to visit.  I appreciate it.

Using Creative Visualization to Improve Learning

“We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we . . . learn to allow our natural channel to open.”

– Shakti Gawain

Creative Visualization is the scientifically based process of forming a detailed image in your mind of something that you want to achieve.

How does it work? Well, the results are based on several factors. First you must determine what you want, your goal – as Shakti Gawain puts it:

You create your opportunities by asking for them

Next, you get your brain into a relaxed state – any relaxation techniqe will work.  I offer one in the recording below.

And finally you create the pictures or images of what you want to achieve in your head. Ultimately, your actions are based on the images you create.

Creative visualization works!  It helps you succeed in all areas of your life –school, home, work, health, relationship – every single one.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think of Shakti Gawain as my first teacher.  I honestly know that reading the book Creative Visualization transformed my life.  It is one of the key tools for transformation in my book A Woman’s Guide to Transformation.

In the following visualization, I focus on helping students improve their learning and thus their grades. The visualization is included on this site in Amazing Grades!  If you are a student, or if you know someone who is a student, I offer this visualization to you.



Please let me know what you thought of this visualization.  And as always, thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it.