GNH – The Movement!

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Gross National Happiness has become a movement!

This message, the movement is about happiness and well-being that comes from living in harmony with nature, living in harmony and balance with others around you, and being in touch with your deepest sense of self, your highest wisdom, which transends culture and boundaries that are man made.  Possibly our best way forward in our survival as a planet.  It is about our truest, deepest sense of self in unity with all others.

Tho Ha Vinh, program director of the GNH Center in Bhutan describes GNH like this:

GNH is a kind of medicine, to heal the illness of our times. The first message of GNH is about reconnecting with our natural environment – in a way that we acknowledge, respect and value the sacredness and the interconnectedness of all life forms.  The second message of GNH addresses the economic crisis, which is more of an ethical and moral crisis than an economic crisis, so the second message is about creating a caring economy, an economy based on altruism and compassion; collaboration rather than competition and destruction. The third message of GNH is reconnecting with ourselves, with our deepest highest potential.

What a beautiful message. What an amazing philosophy.  It is believed that a lot of the meaninglessness that we experience in modern life is a direct consequence of our disconnection with nature, with others, and most importantly with ourselves.

It is time to reconnect with self. That is the beginning. It feels impossible to change the world! How can we get anyone in power to focus on GNH instead of GNP?  But it starts with ourselves, today it starts with me!

Thank you Jayne for sharing this with me, she’s always there to help, and I really appreciate her friendship!

Please take the time to watch this wonderful video. It’s so inspiring!



I’d love to hear what you thought of the video, and as always thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

8 thoughts on “GNH – The Movement!

  1. This is a lovely video. The slow motion…I love the skipping best. Playfulness. There is a movement on the planet. I feel it. An acceleration of tending to the earth, ourselves and each other, nurturing love instead of fear. The playing field is flat now with the internet. We can travel thousands of miles in a split second and share a thought or a photograph with another human being who a moment before was a stranger, join in a cause, rally and support their walk for water… It’s very exciting. I’m happy to know there is such a place as the Gross National Happiness Center. It’s heaven on earth. xo

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    • Thank you Pierr! I agree. It is an exciting time – and I too feel the shift – it is palpable, and more people are choosing Love instead of fear. Thanks for commenting and thanks for your enthusiasm!
      BTW – I love the skipping too!


  2. Patti that is a wonderful post. What I appreciated the most was the discussion about economic inequality that exists in our society. I work for a large corporation and I happen to be the company “socialist”. We live in a “win at all costs society” with little regard for others. I have blogged about corporate life and it’s contribution to mental health issues

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